August 5th, 2008


The garage haul

We only skimmed the surface in the garage cleaning (workbench area and back corner), but aside from some scary rat nests and an even scarier somewhat mummified dead possum, we got some sense in the workbench (which seemed to have been turned into a disaster area by people--not myself, who hasn't used it in a few years--who layered stuff higglety piggilty) and reclaimed the back corner.
Yield of the weekend's activities:
Usable workbench, with organization. Located my drill and sabre saw (which now seems to be missing its blade).
Retrieved ice cream freezer from farthest corner. Need to clean up for future ice-cream-making.
Located my grandmother's 1940's blender, which I've been looking for for over 15 years.
Located my tortilla comal, which I've been looking for for over 20 years (even prior to moving into the house).
Found a 1950's yellow La Crusset covered casserole pan I'd forgotten I owned.
Six glass goblets and some blue willow dishes, plus a brass dish and an antique knife. I suspect these were living history stuff that hasn't seen daylight since I moved into the house, because it looks vaguely familiar and I sort of recall using some of this in the 1980's.
Blacksmith tools. I remember getting these at the flea market in (ahem) 1984.
Lots of books. This ranges from Victorian magazines to books on 8086 and Lisp programming. Magazines with articles I wrote. Cool.
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