September 12th, 2008


Ike, Yike!

I've seen both the satelite weather photos and the view from the international space station. Um, yipe?

I have never SEEN a storm that big before. It stretches literally from the Yucatan to the Gulf Coast. It FILLS the Gulf of Mexico.

And who are these fools who say they're not evacuating? Well, I guess this one is another case of "everyone out of the gene pool!" because they won't be propagating. I am seeing photos of Galveston with waves with walls of water higher than stoplights, and the main force hasn't even gotten there yet. And don't they know that Galveston was OBLITERATED in 1900? Oh, right, they built it up by 7 feet since then, and put in a seawall. Riiiight. Those waves are already going right over that itsy bitsy seawall.

This is gonna be the Yo Mama of hurricanes.