October 1st, 2008

Hen Party

Are eggs almost here?

Bianca squatted down for Andrew, the other day. He commented on this odd behavior, and I laughed and said "She thinks you're a rooster! She wants to have your chicks!"

And I went out to the run this noon to check if they'd messed up their water again (full of falling leaves, but not as messy as it could be) and Bianca was acting very antsie. She was checking out every corner. So I put a box with some shredded paper in one of the old recycling bins that we use as a chicken shelter, and she went in and started fluffing paper. Fluff, fluff, settle, get up, fluff, fluff. It wasn't quite right, so she checked out the corner under the perch. Fluff leaves. Settle, get up, fluff leaves... I went in the house and got an egg out of the fridge to use as a suggestion as to which box to use. (A lot of folks use golf balls or plastic easter eggs, but I don't have any handy, and real eggs are...the real thing.) I put a mark on it with a magic marker for ID, then put it in the cardboard nestbox with a lot more bedding. The nestbox is much more private than the other boxes.

Bianca went in and started fluffing, then settled down on the "suggestion" egg. Andrew came out to check on this. Juanita, who has always been Bianca's buddy, went in with her and started scratching around in the bedding, and rolled the egg out from under. Bianca rolled it back under her. She's breathing hard and her rear is pulsing. I think there is an egg on the way. But alas, I stayed as long as I could, but I had to get back to work.

But based on the signs, I would say that her first egg is in process! I suspect there will be an egg waiting when I get home, tonight.
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