October 3rd, 2008

Hen Party

I have such interesting lunches...

I arrived home to Dan and Andrew doing serious trimming on the ash tree. They'd moved the driveway stuff inside in anticipation of the upcoming rain storm, and now Andrew was up the tree with the chain saw. More dead branches coming down, while we can still tell what's dead and what isn't.

Bianca was nesting again, inside the box with Juanita keeping her company. According to one of the chicken boards, where I discussed her recent behaviors, she may be "anticipating" for a week or two before laying starts, but she's definitely about to start laying, based on behavior. All the signs are that it could be any time.

I harvested more of the "cocktail ears." These are the little short ears of corn that just didn't make bigtime, due to Andrew transplanting them. We got a couple each for lunch, microwaved. I cooked up squash and eggplant from the garden, along with sliced unpollinated "baby" corn, tomatos, and with something vaguely like swedish meatballs (insert G'Kar comment on "every culture has..." here) on top.

Went to go out front door, and found Jiro happily eating more of his recent squirrel kill. Decided I didn't need to go out right at that moment. (I nearly stepped on the damned thing, this morning. It was on the mat, the offering of the day.) This is the SECOND squirrel he's delivered to us, this week. Not as fat as the first, but still respectable. He delivers them with the heads removed, and eats them later, if we don't want them. Thoughtful. By the end of lunch, this one was mostly an empty pelt, when I removed it from the porch. We might even get a tail, if he leaves the pelt remains. I don't know what happened to the one earlier in the week. He's getting to be quite the big game hunter. I can hardly wait for the raccoons---not!
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