October 13th, 2008

Hen Party

The hen haven is done!

We converted the old dog kennel into a henhouse this weekend. It's been a while in the making, and Andrew decided that my idea of the access opening with screen at the top for ventilation was good.

Of course, along the way, we found out that the 1960's sabre saw (which turns out, by modern definition to be really a jigsaw) uses an older style of blade that is no longer carried by Orchard Supply. The guy at Orchard was quite informative, and we found out more about sabre/jigsaws than I thought possible. We ended up boring a secondary hole into the available replacement blade, which is still a bit loose, and finding correct blades on eBay. I swear, it's not quite as bad as plumbing, but still... Anyway, we got through the conversion with a combination of the reciprocal saw and the kludged blade, though I managed to break one, so it was good we got two.

This is just in the nick of time, with winter coming. Plus the raccoon raid the other night. It's humorous to me that Jiro is the Great Defender of the Chickens, since these are HIS chickens, now. In short, if he doesn't get to eat them, no one will! We can't always count on him to run off other predators, though. Especially since some predators are ... more challenging than others. Seriously, this worries me. It's rather like squirrels aren't challenging any more, so he's looking at bigger game. But it was interesting to come out to the ruckus in the middle of the night and find him standing off the raccoons, which he then chased off into the darkness, now that his backup had arrived.

Still no eggs, yet, though. Bianca has been mussing around in the nest box and occasionally brooding the suggestion egg, but nothing as yet. I hope the shorter days don't mean she just faked us out in time to go fallow for the winter.

Andrew also got the new top for the box on the cannon trailer made, with latches that lock down (my idea) so that they can't come loose and have the replacement blow off, as happened to the original lid while we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. (Look out below...) So that's done for the upcoming reenactment. I also got some work done on the implements. But I really need to do more implement work over the winter...when you own cannon, it's always something.
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