February 9th, 2010

Tony 'n Chicken

Sheep for wood...um roosters for grain?

Rather like the infamous trade in Settlers of Kataan, I traded off the roosters, yesterday. Or at least three of them.

For over a week, it's been getting crazy, since the Showgirl chickens have all turned out to be roosters, and I knew one of the Silkies was, as well. Smart Aleck, the Silkie, has not only been crowing like mad, but his sex drive was going crazy. And we would have the Rooster Barbershop Quartet: one after the other, they would crow, then they would all crow together, then they would engage in two and three part harmony, then crow together, then go individually again. It's a good thing Carl is out of town on business, or he'd have certainly been giving me an earful on the rooster chorus.

But I found a feed store with a breeding project. The guy at the feed store loves Silkies, and Showgirls are super-rare, and my guys came from fine lineages. They were just...guys. So off went Papa Smurf, and Smart Aleck, and Moe, to a life of kanoodling fluffy little hens. And in return, I got a 50 lb sack of gourmet scratch, as well as one of laying mash. A good deal, if you ask me.

And, um, yeah, there is still a rooster here. We kept the best one to hopefully do a little furtive chicken breeding on the sly, before he goes off to a farm. I still want FEMALE showgirls, and the best way to get them is with a female Silkie and a Showgirl Roo. Got those. I just need to hide this guy for six months or so...