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Food for the Spirits in the Wires
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

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Fat Rain
This latest series of storms is interesting. Andrew dubbed it "fat rain." It will be dry, then suddenly, down comes the fat rain. Fat rain looks like it ought to be hail, but it's water. My theory is it's hail that has thawed out, and is now coming down in huge drops. These little squalls of fat rain come down for ten or twenty minutes, then slack off. Which is fortunately, because it's like a monsoon when they do.

I was out on the porch just before the latest episode of fat rain, and was smelling ozone in the air. Interesting, I thought, wondering when the lightning storm would start. Well, aside from one clap of thunder, it was simply more fat rain. It's slacking off now.

Hmm, we're supposed to be at a beach party on Saturday. Overnight camping optional. I think, given I have no idea what the weather will actually do, I will forgo the camping part.

Current Mood: interested

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