April 30th, 2010


Born in East AZ

I've been reflecting on Arizona's latest excesses, and how interesting it could get, expecially reflecting on people I know who have been mistaken for some other ethnicity. Black Irish can look terribly Hispanic, you know. And to the uninitiated, so can various tribal peoples, since Mexico has a serious intermingling of original inhabitants in its bloodlines. And then I think on the movie "Born in East LA." Not so funny. It never was.

Get caught without your "papers, please!" and you're hosed. Guilty (of being here illegally) until proven innocent. Hmm, let's deport some of these folks... You say you're Italian or Lakotah? A likely story! What, your wallet was stolen by some gang guys in Mesa, Arizona? And you're just visiting? Yeah, right. We have ways of dealing with you!

And now you're off making big rocks into little rocks until they can shuffle you across the border. Nice.
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Hen Party

Chickies! (Warning, cuteness alert!)

Here are a few shots of the babies. The first was the first glimpse of chicks. Unfortunately, the darker guy peeking out was the one that chilled to death.

Here is the box in the basement, with as spill of chicks.

These three I call "the chipmunks."

Dancing Thru

A great quote...

Snagged from one of the other boards I frequent, in a .sig:

"The tea partiers are like the peasantry revolting to give more power to the aristocracy." Beast|WA Post.