June 7th, 2010

not pleased

News Bias on Gulf Spill? Maybe...

Why do I have to go to Flickr to find out that the Louisiana National Guard, 1023rd Vertical Engineer Company, 528th Engineer Battalion, has been attempting to build berms to mitigate the oil, since MID-MAY??!! If you go to mainstream news, it's pretty much just a lot of hand-wringing, and what BP is up to. Why doesn't the media report on what our troops are trying to do to protect the coasts? Admittedly, it's been substantially ineffective, in the face of the massive amounts of oil, but I like knowing that people are DOING things, rather than just watching the stuff come ashore, like a deer in the headlights.


And from Flickr, I managed to get to the Army's page on it.


Okay, I want to know WHY we aren't supporting the troops in this latest endeavor. These guys are working their butts off to try to do something with the oil, and the media doesn't think it's newsworthy? Oh, right, positive stories don't sell as well as just freaking out and/or trying to figure out who to blame.

I want to hear about the people who are trying to rescue wildlife, I want to hear about the troops building berms and doing cleanup. I want to hear about remedial actions!
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