June 27th, 2010

not pleased

Anger in America

Been surfing the reactions to the unemployment bill getting derailed by the Republicans.

Wow. The amount of anger out there is substantial. And I'm not talking just places like California. I'm talking places like Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina. I've read stories of people calling their senator's offices and being told that if they don't like it, move to California. I've been reading angry reactions from people who are fed up with the way the country is being run. Bank bailouts, wars in foreign countries, aid going elsewhere, and now the Senate is blocking unemployment extensions? People are starting to really get mad. It isn't helped by various pundits on the boards that say things like "Oh, you're just a lazy leech on the system. Go get a job." That just makes them more mad. Especially one guy who really lost it because his house had been foreclosed and now he and his family were barely making it in a rat-infested apartment, which he was now looking at losing, as well. I think he was in Michigan.

I understand there will be a big march on Washington on July 2nd. I suspect that none of the legislators in Washington has anticipated the backlash that will come to rest squarely on them, if the unemployment benefits crash.

I think that the mouse has just been backed to its critical distance, and is about to bite the shoe of its tormentor. It might not do a lot, but there will be a temendous backlash at the polls, if things keep going down this channel.
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