October 25th, 2010

Dancing Thru

We Did It! We're Stuck On Each Other!

October 23rd, at the Castro-Breen Adobe in San Juan Bautista.

Between musicians that almost weren't there, forgotten flowers, and rain that threatened, but didn't actually fall, there were bits and pieces of drama, but it all came together.

And of course, it's time for me to walk down the aisle, and I look around, and am missing one of my Honor Guard. I see him and yell "Larry, get over here, NOW!" Larry runs over from the restroom to meet me partway down the aisle. Whoops. Then I stop, and my brother and I kiss, and I proceed up to join Andrew...and the Honor Guard peels off. "Get back up here!" I order, as they scramble back to deliver their line. "I thought you guys rehearsed this!" I scold. Actually, it's more fun in retrospect than if they had pulled it off in perfect order. (They were supposed to stand behind me when Laura says "Who vouches for this woman's character?" and they say "We do!")

I just couldn't stop grinning, the whole time. Neither could Andrew. And at the end of the ceremony, of course he dips me into a kiss!

Dave F. got the whole thing on an audio recording. Cool!

Not ones for traditional wedding music, we opened with "Hard Times Come Again No More," I walked down the aisle to "Star of the County Down," and recessional to "Mairey's Wedding."

It was totally perfect. Totally awesome ceremony, cake, potluck, toasts, period dancing, yes! And the rain held off until the last dance. Yep, couldn't have asked for more!

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