November 22nd, 2010


House Report: Tired, but accomplished...

We have managed to get the Cambria house cleaned, cleared, and packaged. We may have to have more of M's stuff hauled out the the adjoining garage. The realtor says there are still plastic garbage bags full of stuff in there.

To back up, we arrived down there a week and a half ago to find NOTHING changed from when we had left over a month before, but she was gone. So, since she had said she had an agreement with Scott, who owns the garage next door, to put her stuff in there, we (me, Andrew, Kash, and Scott) packed up everything and put it into the garage. It took two days, and completely filled a two-car garage. This major operation left us short on time for getting MY stuff sorted and packed. We had to head back Sunday evening late. I drove, and we arrived back at 1 am.

And apparently, this understanding that M had with the guy with the garage was one-sided, because he gave her until the weekend to get her stuff out of his garage, or he would have it hauled away, according to the realtor. I understand she pulled stuff out with a truck, over the weekend. More details I won't go into.

Because of the inspection coming on Friday, we had to head back Wednesday evening, taking a day off work to do so. We went from 6 am until we finished (around midnight) with just me and Andrew, packing up everything (still finding hidden hoards of M's stuff, I might add). We packed what we could in the trailer and pickup, and put the rest into the basement. (This looks like one more trip.) We also paid $250 for a local guy to haul the rest of the junk to the dump. We then cleaned the place, mopping and scrubbing floors and counters. We finished at midnight, and I drove us back to the Bay Area. Andrew slept while I drove. I seem to have a way of being able to drill down into the physical reserves when I need to, as I was pretty alert.

After arriving home at just after 3 am, I fell into bed for 3 hours, and then it was off for a full day of work on Friday. We managed to unpack part of the truck stuff between storming, on Saturday, but the majority of what came back is still in the trailer, which is bundled under a tarp until the rain stops. I figure maybe tomorrow after work, or maybe Wednesday.

I slept until 9:30 Saturday morning, and was asleep by 8 pm. Sunday, after a warm bath, I passed out by 9. Fortunately, I got a lot of my writing assignments (money) done by then. Yeah, it's $9/hr, but it's money.

We go back after Thanksgiving. There is one more round of hauling, disposing of the washer/drier and the old Wedgewood stove that was my mother's. And any of M's stuff she left in the garage.

I do worry that the deal still may not go through. What if the buyer backs out? I owe my in-laws about $5000 in expenses for this operation. Taxes on both houses are coming due in a couple weeks. I have a mortgage payment coming due. My jewelery is at the pawn shop, and my temp job ends, this week. And there is no money left, at all. Nada.

Ah, life in the Great Recession. Still, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. And I have a lot of stuff that is good for yard sales, once I sort it out. (I didn't sort anything in pulling it out, just packaged it and put it into storage.) In a couple weeks, I'll know. If it doesn't work out, I'll figure out from there. As Scarlett O'Hara said at the end of "Gone With the Wind," "I'll think about it tomorrow. Because tomorrow is another day."
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My body hurts...but we keep going

I suppose it's only to be regarded as a natural consequence of my escapades with clearing up the house. It's the fact that I've been in quite a bit of pain for the past couple months, starting with our initial foray into clearing the Cambria house. My knees hurt. My ankles hurt, like occasional searing pain hurt. I wonder if I sprained them slightly. My hands hurt. My neck hurts. My wrist feels slightly sprained, currently. Amazingly, my ever-problematic lower back is doing better than a lot of the rest of me. But hey, we keep working through it, because we have to.

The latest manifestation seems to be my ring finger and pinky are painful and don't work right. Past experience teaches me that it's probably not my hands, it's my neck, more specifically a pinched nerve. It did that with the index and middle fingers for a while, until the chiropractor sorted them out.

I used to have a body that was reasonably well maintained, in that regular chiropractic and massage kept me out of pain and functioning. (I was mostly in pain from the age of 11 until age 40, when I discovered chiropractic.) But that's a luxury that I simply haven't been able to afford in the recession. I really look forward to selling the Cambria house. Having money translates into a few self indulgences immediately, like chiropractic and massage, followed by new glasses and dental maintenance. Meanwhile, I make do with soaking in a hot bathtub of epsom salts. Andrew says I don't take care of myself. Well, if it's between taking care of myself and paying the bills, I opt for paying the bills, thank you.

I'm Jilara. I'm tough. I keep going.
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