November 23rd, 2010

Evil laugh

Adopt a tribble...mmmm...rat Are they kidding?

On the "whose bright idea was this?" front, I expect San Jose to be overrun with rats. It seems a thousand or so of them were found taking over the house of a guy in Los Angeles. Did they call animal control, vector control, or sanity control? Nope, they called the "Hoarders" TV show.

And by the time all was said and done, a thousand or so rats made a trip to a warehouse pet store in San Jose, where they will theoretically be stored until they are adopted. Yes, you heard correctly, over 1000 rats. The cast of Willard and Ben, combined. They apparently have been busily adding to their numbers both in transit and since they have arrived. Lots of preggers ratties. Male and female rats cohabitating. They just keep giving birth.

And what's even more exciting is what they are housed in. Plastic tubs with metal grates. Have these folks ever actually kept rats? The little buggers love to gnaw. I predict they will be through the plastic in no time, and a flood of rats will be unleashed on downtown San Jose. Whee, it's tribble time... Of course, downtown San Jose already has a healthy rat population, judging by what I've seen scuttling about, on nighttime strolls. So let's just add a few more...

Seriously, do you know 1000 people in the Bay Area who want to adopt a rat or two? Or more? I didn't think so...
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