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Food for the Spirits in the Wires
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Thursday, March 10th, 2011

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War on Public Service Providers
I don't get the Right. It's now a declared war against public service providers. You know, all those folks who do everything from teaching your kids (of course, the Right either home-schools or uses private schools), to the people who do the real work of government, the administrators, to... wait for it... police and firefighters.

Yep, those awful people who belong to Unions. And in the case of police and fire, the people who put their butts on the line for us every day, to protect us from crime and fire. Because, oh horror, they cost money. Whatever happened to the days when you could just send some slaves out to do that duty, they ask.

Seriously, this is the biggest case of entitlement I have ever encountered. They really believe they are entitled to services, including life-threatening services, without having to pay for them. I can't wait for the reinstatement of indentured servitude.

Current Mood: annoyed

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