June 27th, 2011

Evil laugh

Jiro provides for "his" chickens

I found a large, very fresh, very dead rat at the door to the chicken coop this morning. Okay, Jiro has been doing his job, I thought, as I removed the body to dispose of it in the garden.

It wasn't until several minutes later that I made the connection: my cat is providing for his "family." He's gotten used to chickens being in the house, he headed out to the coop, rather than hiding out, the night the raccoon came through (but didn't get in), and has slept with baby chicks playing around him, inches from his nose. So it makes sense that he would be providing for them, like they were his kittens.

If he could have gotten in, he might have brought it to them. Chickens...ah, have a taste for rodents. That's putting it a lot more delicately than the feeding frenzy that erupts if they catch them. And I remember when I uncovered a rat nest behind some stuff in the coop, a couple years ago. It wasn't pretty. Little veloceraptors feasting on rodents. Why am I having visions of cooperative hunting parties of chickens and cats?
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Dancing Thru

Writer's Block: Showing your pride

What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?
Hmm, what I've marched for in the past has included women's rights, ecological issues, and 2nd amendment rights. I've turned out for rallies for Native American Rights, Gay Rights, and defending religious freedom. I would definitely march to stand stand up to people who would seek to take away rights from groups they don't like, whether it be ethnic groups, religions, whatever.