January 27th, 2012

sparky Jilara

Ask a Busy Person...

I've been being remarkably productive, lately. I've been churning out the installments on period medicine for the Citizen's Companion, got out the article "Dining with the Dons" for Journal of the Early Americas, have been dabbling at the edges of a couple of novels that are back with characters nagging at me again, and doing all manner of research for various other projects.

Add to this that it looks like I am the new Vice President of my Civil War club. Which I got without running for office. This seems to happen. People decide I would be good for some position, and voila. It's how I ended up as President of the Science Club and on the Student Council in High School. And just keeps going on. This seems to come with almost a writing project of its own. I can't fathom how much email I've written in the past two weeks, relative to this. Add in hours of meetings with the Admin Board, and there you go.

Add to this that next week I start Shinkendo lessons. I was planning to start this week, but I've been sick a couple of days. And I'm also assisting on courses and doing phone coaching down at Landmark Education.

And this is when I feel most alive. I am going to try to avoid the way I maxed myself out with responsibilities and activities, back in the late '80's, though. Don't want another breakdown, thank you. But I'm pretty sure I'll be able to juggle what I have and still feel pretty good. Not to mention accomplished!
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