July 19th, 2012

Dancing Thru


My contract was up, so I have been away from tech writing for a couple weeks.And wow, have I been getting a lot done, in terms of the sort of writing I want to do!

Let's see, I finished a paranormal tale of Gettysburg for Short Story Press, an ebook publisher, an erotica story that my editor now wants me to make into a series, some promo travel writing about Maui and Oahu, and a couple web SEO pieces. These are all paying gigs. Oh, and a few short pieces on paranormal phenomena for the web site www.themystified.com

So, now I get to think about working on the more ambitious projects, including getting back to my series "The Ills Flesh Is Heir To" about 19th century medicine, and work on a couple books. I'm also considering pitching a couple travel articles to magazines, now that I've built up some credibility as a travel writer with minor pieces here and there.

It feels good to be back. The thing that has always bothered me about the intensity of working as a tech writer is that it sometimes leaves very little time for anything else. I managed to get "Dining with the Dons" off to Journal of the Early Americas and multiple installments of "The Ills Flesh Is Heir To" done for The Citizen's Companion, but that was mostly because I'd done so much of the preliminary work while I was out of work in the Great Recession.

Currently, I seem to be turning things out at a pretty good rate, and it's encouraging.
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