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A Memorial Day weekend without Civil War

It was very strange, not going to do Civil War over this weekend, for the first time in...22 years? But in some odd ways, I think it was a good change. For one thing, I REALLY needed to get some stuff done around the house, before heading out for Hawaii. So that was my Saturday focus. Then on Sunday, Scott and I went up to San Francisco to the inaugural game of the SF Dragons Lacross team.

They did pretty well in the first quarter, but by the second quarter, they were starting to fall apart. They've really got to get more focus on their defense, and get in tight when they want to score. They do a lot of passing around the periphery, but actually getting in there for goal shots...well, it needs a lot of work. By the 4th quarter, it was painful enough, with Denver 5 points ahead, that we mostly just wanted to get it over with. But it was a great day to be out at a game, with perfect weather in Golden Gate park, so I can't complain.

Monday, Dan helped me with yard work, and I got a ton of stuff done, and walked him through how to deal with the house/yard/cats while I'm gone, which is actually simple but lengthy stuff. For a break, late in the afternoon, I introduced him to Vasona Lake Park, and Hakone Gardens. Then, because it was Memorial Day, after all, I took a swing through the historic cemetary back of Saratoga, with its Civil War connection to John Brown and family. (Yes, that John Brown.)

Yes, it was really different from my usual Memorial Day weekend, and I could have gone down to Roaring Camp and shot cannon, but I really needed to focus on getting my act together at home, for a change. I didn't even stop by Baycon, which I usually do, as well. Maybe it was just time for a change of pace. I actually feel pretty relaxed. What a concept.

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