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In memoriam of Sasha

The problem with cats is that they are inherantly shorted-lived than we are. It's hard to let them go under normal circumstances. When you get a cat with a truly remarkable soul, it's even harder. This cat was the smartest cat I ever met, with a truly analytical mind. She was also inherantly charming (which made her shrewdly plotted exploits easier to forgive), and did everything from conning her way into sleeping in the Queen's lap at SCA tourneys to convincing all my neighbors to adopt her, over several different locations and sets of neighbors. She also would convince folks to feed her---and had a truly amazing set of taste for them to cater to. Her biggest passions were nachos, sweet corn, and Thai food (though she was known to settle for curry in general). She was even a chili-head, loving hot sauce! (This was another trait that created accusations she was my familiar.)

She loved children, and would actively seek them out and encourage them to fuss over her. Her feet were more than just polydactyl---they were fully-functional "baseball glove polydactyl" on the front feet, which she used like thumbs. Which made her quite adapt at not only getting into things, but manipulating everything from cereal box liners (which she would refold after helping herself!) to experimenting with the computer keyboard.

She was born somewhere around the 4th of July, 1985, which makes her about the same age as my older goddaughter. I'd recently lost a cat, and was checking the pound regularily. She reached out and hooked me over, and very shortly had me convinced to spring her from the place. It was characteristic of how she operated. If it hadn't been me, I'm sure it would have been someone else. But I was kind of her "chosen companion," and she did the choosing, not me. Unlike most cats, she always commnicated it was *me* she was interested in, not the food or what I could do for her. After all, she knew she could get her needs met by anyone she could manipulate, and she manipulated people regularily. I always got the impression that she was quite willing to take on a pit bull in my defense, and was much more like...not a dog, but a person...in that way.

Dammit, I'm going to miss her.

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