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Cannon upgrade?

I have to admit, even though it's a bit of extra work, compared to the smaller cannon, I really like Bonnie Blue, the 10-Pound Parrott Rifle. Even with a green trainee rotating through positions, we still managed to get off 50 shots, this weekend. But I notice that at 6 or 7 oz per shot, as opposed to 4 oz., you burn through powder a LOT faster.

But the nifty thing was having Wayne Maybe working the gun. He used to own it, was the person who originally got it off Ed Frutchie. I think he's thrilled to be back working on the gun. He then sounded me out about if I'd be interested in occasionally swapping in an Ordnance Rifle tube. Seems he has one in his garage, and it was always his intent to trade off tubes, with the Ordnance Rifle for more stationary positions, and the Parrott for going more mobile. Except the CHAS folks destroyed his carriage with the jumping curbs at high rates of speed, etc. (My old college buddy Anne, who has recently joined them, was telling me this weekend that they were terrifying her with some of their tactics, and how she kept having moments on this mountain road where she visualized the cannon plunging over the edge and dragging the horse team with it. Seems they're still in prime form.) Anyway, Wayne said we could still do it, the tube swapping thing, if I was interested. Just get some folks and a hoist, and swap tubes depending on what the event's needs were. He's even fairly local, just in San Martine. I told him we should talk more, after the event. (I think he loves being back on the gun, and not having to be the one responsible for it.)

This is a good thing, because Tom Boyte has told Richard that his Ordnance Rifle, which he hauls to events and maintains for him, is just too much work to keep doing this indefinitely, and he needs to find a new caretaker, next year. Which means that it could go almost anywhere, as of next year. But if we had an alternating Ordnance Rifle and Parrott, for the Norfolk, we wouldn't feel the loss so much. And as it is, we have more cannon than people to operate them (we could only field 3 of 4 guns, this weekend, two with minimum crew).

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