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Driveway cooking

I have been muttering during this crushing 100-degree-plus heat wave that the driveway could double as a reflector oven. It hasn't helped the temperature of the house, which has only stayed under 90 degrees if I hose down the driveway and adjoining wall of the house several times a day, to remove the extra heat radiating through the wall.

And then I thought about that oven statement yesterday. Really thought. Why not use the driveway as a cooking heat source? It would work like a crockpot... So, this morning, I made pasta for macaroni salad. I put a glass dish of water and macaroni and seasonings into a dutch oven and set it in the driveway. At noon, I had slightly overcooked pasta. I think it may have boiled over, because there were bits of macaroni and some water in the bottom of the dutch oven. Removing the cooked pasta, I put in water and the fixings for some spicy baked beans. I expect to have beans when I get home tonight.

If you've got the heat, exploit it to cook without adding to the heat in the already overtaxed house!

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