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Made for TV news...

I notice that technoshaman has posted a link to the British press story on the manufacturing of "Saving Private Lynch" et. al. Surprise, surprise.

I am not at all surprised. Because there were too many inconsistencies in the stories that started showing up, almost immediately. Because the "official" version had all the elements of a TV movie. It was a little too neat, in ways that reality isn't. And catching part of a doc-drama event on it, I was also struck by how much real footage and real interviews, which I would have expected, wasn't there. We have a psychologist speculating on Jessica's mind state. We have very little in the way of talking to real participants, or even family members. Interesting. Cued all my propaganda sensors. But then, we live in the world of Max Headroom, where if people see it on TV, they believe it.

There is actually a reason why I've avoided most major news coverage of this war. I don't trust it. Looks like it was a well-founded distrust.

20 seconds into the future....

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