Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Best posting intentions...

It seems like it always works this way. I start writing about travels I've done, and somewhere along the way, life gets in the way of the retrospective, and I am left with a few days of accounts still to be posted. In the case of Hawaii, it seems to be most of the trip. Eventually, I tell myself.

After all, I can at least feel accomplished that two of the novels are progressing nicely again. The problem with one is that when I'm writing in a historical time period, it just doesn't work for me unless I can semi-channel the life and times of the characters. I threw out entire chapters on the 1770's book when new research turned up facts that didn't jibe well with my original scenes. It may be an "alternative history" but it still has to be as close to REAL history as I can possibly make it. (Yes, this is the person who still cringes over writing a novel when I was 15, where the climate of England was fairly close to that of Southern California. Never mind I was 15 and this novel will never (hopefully) see the light of day---though I am haunted by thoughts of the awful stuff Jane Austin did as a teenager, including Queen Elizabeth I with high powdered Georgian hair. I'm sure she never intended for posterity to publish that one, either.) I like to think you could acquit myourself passably in the 18th century by the amount of detail I put in...
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