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Nothing quite like a kitten

So, for the past couple weeks, I've been having dreams about this striped kitten. I've commented to a couple people that I felt like a kitten was looking for me.

Last night, he found me. I was at Colleen's when someone asked if anyone was interested in a kitten. Chris started laughing, and people didn't understand why. Well, um, yes, I said---what kind of kitten? Striped. Kind of jungle cat look. 10 weeks old. He was more demanding than they really wanted to deal with, it would seem. They went home and got him, and when he showed up, he was literally the kitten of my dreams.

And so Jiro came home.

He's very people-oriented, extremely smart, somewhat demanding, and a real talker. In short, something pretty close to an ideal cat for me.

The other cats have new kitten issues. Ming has turned into a grumbly old man again, and swatted my leg before storming off muttering under his breath. He's actually dealing better than he did when Circe came into the household. Circe, on the other hand, has freaked out and is hiding. She doesn't deal well with new experiences, and kittens seem to be included. She came out to sleep on the bed last night, because Jiro was in the back room with the door closed, but she's disappeared again now that he's out of confinement. They'll get used to it. I'm making sure I give them extra fussing as much as possible.

The world has become a brighter place. There is nothing like a kitten, especially one as charming as Jiro is.
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