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And to recap...Halloween

The space alien convention went off reasonably. Not one of the most memorable Halloweens, but the yard is hard to field when you're working a sizable chunk of the evening on your own, with no monsters or aliens other than the static ones. It really needs to be a two-person (minimum) show. One gives treats, the other scares the trick-or-treaters. And I really wish Chris would get started on his parts of the setup a little earlier, as I always end up stressing as I feel it getting on toward dark, and he's still assembling stuff.

But still, one kid says he comes every year, and he lives in Morgan Hill, now. I have fans! (Like I didn't know that.) It was a better crowd than last year, which was fairly light, maybe 100 kids. This was more like old times, with around 175-200. (I estimate by the number of treats I give out, subtracting the ones that get scarfed by the staff.) A few clusters of 10-15 kids, this year. Safety in numbers, I guess. The flying saucer and aliens were a hit, but a couple kids requested I get the monster back. Well, I'm trying. Some years are lower key, like I actually do anything at Halloween low-key.

I'm already starting to think of next year. Hmm, fairy tales are coming to mind. Gingerbread houses and marauding wolves and people with Big Axes. Oh yes, I feel a Brothers Grimm (or maybe the comic book Fables) starting to evolve in my head. I could be a witch! I love playing witches--one could say I've been cast to type in that role for a long time. (Yes, I played them in dramatic parts, too, back in high school. I can still recite the whole chant from MacBeth...)

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