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Finally, the electorate starts to waken

A watershed event, the fate of the Land of the Free, was in the balance. Finally the alarm clock that's been ringing incessantly started penetrating the conciousness of the sleepy citizens of the country, and they realize they've been asleep while someone has been robbing and vandalizing the house.

Finally, they're going to the polls and casting votes. I only hope it isn't too late. But I'm encouraged. I'm not sure that the Democrats are necessarily much better than the GOP (Ghastly Old Politicos), but just about anything is better than what we've had going down for the past few years. At least it's a change. And the tough talk about taking back our rights and getting out of Iraq is a start...

And anything that causes Rumsfeld to jump off the listing ship that's slowly sinking is a Good Thing.

I still like the Early American custom of drilling the militia in the town square on election day, just to remind the politicians how this country came about...

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