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Oh great, a recycled cell number

And this is another reason why I was putting off getting a cell phone...

I had a bunch of text messages on the phone, the past couple days, and they seem to be using up my minutes. They're all in Spanish. The other odd thing was when I got a strange message about an error and needing to re-enter my mailbox, when I tried to check messages. Well, there were two error messages about someone trying to use an illegal mailbox code. I worked through this, and got into *my* mailbox, and it was empty. Also, I loaned the phone to Dan, last week, so he could call me when he needed to get picked up, and he said it rang and he answered, because he figured it was me. It was some woman speaking Spanish. He said he said something like "No habla Espanol" and hung up. He said it also rang last night, when I wasn't home. He didn't answer it. Since there wasn't a voicemail in Spanish, maybe the message (in English) that this was a different person's voicemail sunk in. Or maybe not.

I figure this number used to belong to someone who spoke Spanish, and some old acquaintance is now trying to get in touch. Swell. It took five years for the people trying to reach Vu's Gardening Service on the landline to get the message that it was no longer a valid number for them. I wonder how long it will take for the cell phone? Maybe I need to figure out blocking numbers...

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