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Just in time for the Holidays...

The truck's brakes were very screwed up. I took the car in for its routine servicing, and ended up spending the day in Half Moon Bay. (I suffer so greatly...) Seems they had to send out for new rotors. The good news was that the actual work came under the extended warrenty. The bad news was that the parts didn't. So there was an additional $300 that wasn't in the budget. On the other hand, it was probably a Very Good Thing that the Las Vegas condo exchange got screwed up, because I would otherwise have been driving to Vegas and back with very dicey brakes. I am convinced that sometimes the Powers that Be make sure to take care of you.

On the plus side, I got some good use from the new cell phone, calling the office to say I wouldn't be in because the car had stranded me (while sitting on the curb in the old Catholic Cemetary at the very top of the hill, admiring the view--something decadent there). And even better, I got to spend the day in Half Moon Bay. I wandered up to the old cemetary, which I'd wanted to do for years, checked some shops in town (Pacific Moonrise, my favorite, seems to have gone out of business---foo!), then walked down to the State Beach, where I watched waves and finally broke down and went wading in the edge of the surf. I needed that to ground me out. Too much Silicon Valley.

However, between all the cat vet bills, lately (and Jiro, having come with current shots for some things, fortunately, still has to go in, plus neutering soon, and Circe needs her shots updated), now the car, I am feeling majorly tapped out.

But I still spend $45 on Thanksgiving goodies at the 99 Ranch Market, grin. Oh, just a few things, including pork buns, fresh shitake mushrooms, and a black chicken (I've always wanted to do one, and there only being 3 people for Thanksgiving is a great excuse). After all, it's Thanksgiving!

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