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Baby's first rat!

Ming decided it was time to see what the new kid was made of. I think he had dispaired over Circe ever becoming a hunter, so he was going to try Jiro.

So, I'm sitting watching TV on Saturday night, when in comes Ming with a rodent in his mouth. Oh great, it's rat season, I'm thinking, looking at the naked tail and wondering if it's still alive. He takes it over to Jiro and puts it down. The rat revives and tries to leave, and that's when I notice that it's dragging its hindquarters. A crippled rat! I suddenly realize that he's brought in a "training rat" for the kid. Jiro wakes up and suddenly gets interested. Ming backs off and sits watching intently.

Rather than taking it away, I decide this is essentially a dead rat already (paralyzed hindquarters), so let's see how the kid does. It will probably die faster with him dispatching it, anyway. The rat tries to drag itself under the furniture, but he reaches under and pulls it out. Thus starts a saga worthy of Animal Planet, with him keeping away from the business end (with the teeth) but controlling it, dragging it into the open, swatting it on the head to stun it, etc. Ming casually flopped down to watch, but you could see the tension in his shoulders, and whenever the rat was out of his line of sight, he'd move around to watch. Basically, he was keeping an eye on things to make sure Jiro didn't get into trouble. Jiro kept working closer to the head end, always keeping the rat away from cover, until he finally got to the nape of the neck. The kid was good, and seemed inordinantly pleased with having a real rat to dispatch. In very little time, the crippled rat was an ex-rat. I let him play with the remains for a while, then disposed of them. I think we're going to have a new little ratter in the house in no time.
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