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The heartbreak of clumping litter

I was probably better off because I was being cheap, and didn't switch from old-style cat litter (non-clumping) until very recently. And then when I did, I spilled some in the driveway one day, and when it got wet, it turned into something resembling caulk, and I stepped in it. I suddenly realized I didn't want MY cats using something with those properties, licking it from between their toes, etc. I went back to non-clumping, until I finally switched to World's Best, which is corn-waste-based, and aptly named, despite the cost. (I jokingly call it "Worlds Most Expensive," but it's worth it.)

But recently, I've been reading too much about clumping litter on the boards. Not even pet boards, but over in cooking or vintage clothing. People who have had cats with serious health problems that were probably caused by the ingestion of clumping litter. Caveat emptor! The folks who make this stuff do not have your cat's welfare in mind; they have their profit line foremost. Nutrient absorption problems, impacted colons, stomach problems, all seem to point toward clumping litter. But people like it because it's convenient.

Yesterday, I found a heartbreaking post on a cat site, from a Bengal breeder who had lost several litters of kittens right at the point where they were starting to use the litter box. Impacted intestinal tracts, vomiting, etc. You got it, clumping litter. After she figured it out, she switched over a sickly batch of kittens to non-clumping litter, and only lost one of that litter. She now doesn't use the stuff, and hasn't lost any kittens since.

I wonder how many people with ill cats would be able to trace it to their kitty litter?
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