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Shaping up as one of THOSE holidays

Not for me, so far, but a lot of folks are having a nasty time. Cases of the Martian Death Flu are going around. And I didn't hear the phone, when I was in the shower, last night, so I missed Shula's call/message, got it when I got out of the bathroom. Her mom had just died. The old gal has some timing. Not only right before the holidays, but if she's sensible, she'll arrange for the...um...arrangements from California. I know that I certainly wouldn't want to get to Ohio, right now. I don't know what she's doing, though, because by the time I got the message, I couldn't get anything but a busy signal on her phone. (Which is to be expected.)

And then there's the weather. Everywhere. The Denver mess goes without saying. Heathrow has been shut down by fog. New Orleans got 8 inches of rain, yesterday. Seattle got Yet Another Storm, which probably means my sister-in-law's brother won't have power until sometime next week.

I don't like the way the holidays are shaping up, at this point.
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