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Making friends with the cell phone

I actually sat down with the thing today and figured it out. I went through all the menus to see what they actually did. Well, nearly all. I don't think I will be playing games on my cell phone, any time soon. I set it up to email me photos. Then I sent myself some of the photos I had stored on it. (I've used it more as camera than as a phone!) I tried to use the web browser, but it gave back an error message, and I'm not sure why. Since I really don't see me surfing the net with my phone in moments of boredom, I don't really care. But while I was there, I found they also have a web connection where you can browse and select custom ringtones, so I also downloaded "Ode to Joy" (always a favorite) to use as ringtone. (The phone came with a few, but I can't say any of them have a "me" feeling.) I'm actually just as good with a plain old ringie-dingie, but it's nice to have a bit of personalization.

I guess I'm finally joining the cell phone set. Or at least figuring out how to use it/set it up. I wonder what it says that I finally set it to the correct date, today? The time, I set when I got it, but I noticed for the first time today that it thought today's date was in March of 2005.

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