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First they came for my foi gras...

I tell you, by the time the food scares and political movements get through, we're all going to be eating sanitized industrial paste. (You know industrial paste: thin it down as coffee creamer, whip it for whipped cream, thicken for custard, and make it very thick for mashed potatos. Sadly, only the mashed potato part is fiction.)

I already have been lamenting how hard it is to find certified raw milk, any more. Or cheese made with raw milk. And it's gotten impossible just to find extra-rich milk. How about cream that only contains cream? Just about anything without high fructose corn syrup?

And then come the food scares. You may not find my tastes in food to be things you want to eat, but I want my right to eat them, even if it comes with risk. Yes, I like my spinach! When the E. coli scare went through, I went out and bought a bag of *raw spinach* before it all disappeared! (Yes, I cooked it thoroughly, but I NEED my spinach.) (I also know that E. coli is one of the most intensely mutational bacteria on the planet. It normally lives in the digestive tract, not just of animals, but humans. I can tell you from my experience in bacteriology class that if you spit on it, chances are better than good it will pick up new traits from your spit.) So now they suspect lettuce, too, or was it greeen onions?

Well, I went into the market the other day to get sweetbreads, because I was craving sweetbreads in marsala sauce. with mushrooms. Sorry, no more. Mad cow, you know. No brains, no sweetbreads. Heck, the brain part I can almost understand, but sweetbreads? Actually, we know so little about how this stuff gets transmitted (bone meal, no, wait, blood, oh, it's bones and bone marrow, so we can't sell the t-bone, at least in England, but how 'bout that steak that was attached to it?), it's mostly superstition. (Yes, we know kuru comes from eating infected *human* brains, and that cows get it from being fed animal parts they shouldn't be eating in the first place, but beyond that, it's still an unknown. I had a friend who died of CJD, and she never touched innards, but she loved her steaks.) So I guess sweetbreads will be on the "fond memories" list.

I suppose that next on the upcoming banned list will be my drisheen/black pudding. It's made with blood, you know. Who eats that stuff, anyway? Hey, and did you know there's speculation that there might be adverse health effects in soy products? And raw fish could contain anything from paracites to mercury? I want my right to choose what perils I decide to consume. Which isn't to say a certain amount of caution, not to mention attempts to ensure the safety of the food supply, isn't desirable. But in the end, it's all a crap shoot. It could be that one microbe in a million. Or a rock that falls out of the sky onto my head. :-)

Tony Bourdain talks about a game chefs play, about what you would eat for the last meal of your life. I think mine would be creamed spinach and black pudding. Assuming I couldn't get sweetbreads.
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