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Hoarding for hard times?

Okay, I've always kept enough food in the house to survive for a couple months. And cat food for a month. That's just basic preparedness. But lately, there has been a bit more than that. I've started hoarding clothing and bedding. And candles. And matches.

I hadn't even really thought of it in terms of hoarding until just the last couple weeks, but then it hit me. Why do I have a cupboard full of candles and a drawer full of matches? This is more than just Civil War supplies, especially when you realize that I have *candle holders* all over the house. Why are there a couple unopened packages of quilts and bedding socked away in the basement "for when I really need them." Why do I have unworn clothing tucked away for a future date "when you might not be able to get it"? What background program is running, here?

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