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The next rat

Ming brought Jiro another rat, this weekend. I came in on it as Jiro had it just about dispatched. What was interesting was that he then scooted it over to Circe, when it was dead, with an attitude of "these things are pretty cool, you try!" She started out with a look of "what do you want me to do?" but finally took a couple bats at it. Jiro showed her some technique, then, by flinging it hard against some furniture. "See, soften it up like this!" She took a few more swats, after he tossed it to her. He bashed it against the furniture again, then scooted it back. She finally took a little more active swatting practice.

I think he's going to try to train her. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I got a couple photos of the coaching session. I'll try to post them here, eventually.
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