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Why do cats all have issues at once?

Ming's teeth are bothering him again. The vet is a bit reluctant to deal with them, as it would involve general anaesthesia, which isn't good if you can avoid it, because it's really hard on them. She says that they tend to go through it and reabsorb the teeth again, but it's not fun for a few weeks. He at least ate at lunch, today, which is more than last night, this morning. And he's purring again. For a day, he was just grouchy, and his jaw is a bit swollen.

Then there was Circe, scooting on the carpet. At least I *think* Circe was just messed up by hairballs. I found disgusting crap marks on the quilt, and her back end was a mess. Seems like a combination of hairball and crap all matted into the long fur. The only scissors that were about right for the job were my good dressmaker scissors, the short ones. I made the sacrifice. I got a lot of it out yesterday, and she managed to do some herself, after I took care of the really rasty stuff. Took me back to having to do that with my father's Yorkshire terrier. At least she doesn't bite! She wasn't happy, but some struggling I can deal with. Sigh, long-haired cats may be cute, but they have their own issues...

And Jiro, thankfully, goes in for neutering tomorrow. He'd started to get antsie a couple weeks ago, making faces out the window at the stray cats, giving throaty yowls, and wandering around the house yowling and being generally antsie, not to mention trying to run outside at every opportunity. I think he's hormonally precocious, and the vet agreed, when I described the symptoms. He's been driving me nuts, but I think he's going a little nuts, himself, not knowing what these feeling are that he's getting. I'm hoping that after tomorrow, when he gets snip-and-chip, he'll be a little more mellow.

It's been a heck of a week, so far.

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