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I'm just too responsible...

Our artillery groups seem to recognize that I am someone who knows what she's doing. Saturday was the meeting for the NCWA, and I had to laugh that two of the three Norfolk officers were there, but the rest of the club was so light on the ground that we couldn't make up a quorum for the meeting. Not a problem for some of us, as we were getting together after to work out a new powder reembursement policy. I was the one who had made people look at it more closely, in the first place, and the Yankees acknowledged at this meeting that I was the one who had her facts and figures straight, in terms of powder use/expense, and they had been guestimating enough it would have screwed them over, too. With all artillery present in the same room, and discussing issues, we actually got a chance to talk and find out why people were doing/proposing things. What a surprise. A major factor was not understanding where a lot of policies were coming from, making them subject to reenterpretation.
I think we have a proposal everyone can live with, now. Now if we get the board to accept it...

Then it was time for English Civil War, on Sunday. Somehow, I ended up as Vice President/second in command of the group, mostly because people seem to think I'm already doing most of the duties associated with that post, so they might as well make it formal. Hokay... It was also pointed out that I was doing at least parts of several other positions, too, but that's just me, wanting things to run efficiently.

And I wonder how I end up as an officer so much...

Saw the trailer for the Mythbusters they didn't get back to *me* about. Seems it was a pirates episode, which makes me actually a bit relieved not to be associated. I *have* to watch it, though, as I don't recognize the cannon, and I want to know what that "barrel bounce" I'm seeing is. Also, is this thing supposedly being live fired? Because it doesn't look like it's rolling back enough for having a charge, unless it's made of a cork with an ounce of powder behind it. I *really* want to know who/what they ended up using. And what I'm seeing. If I'm seeing what it looks like I'm seeing, they may hear from me in email... (But not like anyone probably cares...)

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