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Assessing the cold snap

I was chatting with the produce guy at Zanotto's last night, and we agreed it was going to be a rough year for citrus. He still doesn't know why the blood oranges were so late, this year, but this could very well be all of them... This wave of numbing cold doesn't bode well for the California citrus industry as a whole, and he said that a lot of Florida's crop was wiped out by a fungus disease, last year. I'm eating oranges while I can.

Back at home, I was checking the plants. There is some frost-kill on the avocado, but it's hanging in. Ditto the lemon tree. The cannas don't look promising. Two rose bushes have suddenly turned brown and crispy, and I suspect it's the combination of cold and intensely dry conditions. It's scarily dry for this time of year, and I fear we're going into a drought year.

It was sobering to drive to Sacramento on Sunday, as well. We came to the realization that what we were seeing on the river and rice paddies (??) off the Yolo Causeway wasn't water; it was ice. Solid sheets of ice and frozen mud at the edges. There were vast numbers of Canadian geese huddled in clumps on the dry areas, again arguing that this wasn't water. We stopped by Rosemary's place (no one home), and the fish pond in front was still frozen solid at 4pm. I tapped it with a finger, and the ice was still inches thick.

It's supposedly broken for now, for a couple days anyway, but they say it will get seriously cold again by the weekend. Not a good sign.

Addenda from Yahoo News:
In California, three nights of freezing weather had destroyed up to three-quarters of the state's $1 billion citrus crop, according to an estimate issued Monday. Other crops, including avocados and strawberries, also suffered damage.

"This is one of those freezes that, unfortunately, we'll all remember," said A.G. Kawamura, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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