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Loving current styles

Some designers overdosed on the 18th century and a couple other period looks, recently. I am going to buy these clothes while I can, because I don't expect to have my taste in clothes be a look that continues on the market for a long time.

I think that one of my favorites is the "military jacket" look, which mostly seems zouave/hussar-inspired, and has a distinct 18th/19th century flare. I thought I was going to get mugged for my 18th century coat, at the Civil War meeting, and told people they could actually buy it from a mainstream catalog. I just got a new leather jacket that is styled off a 1780's caraco jacket. Leather and period styling...my weaknesses all packaged into one garment!

I also haven't seen the jabot-and-floppy-cuffs look for blouses since I was in junior high in the late '60's. They called it "New Edwardian" then, but it was really 18th century. Yes, I'm getting these as well. Now if they'd just do some more billowy sleeves, I'll be in hog heaven.

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