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Amazing places you can get from Wikipedia

All you have to do is surf... I was looking for information on the Cult Awareness Network (the supposed cult information and deprogramming site originally populated by various undercover mind-control exponents, then bought by the Church of Scientology (who got the membership lists), a surreal organization if ever there was one), I managed to surf links to learn all sorts of amazing dirt on all sorts of people. Bet you didn't know that Steven Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is considered dangerous to Christian thought, by some of the religious right (not helped by the fact that Covey is a Mormon). Or that Oprah is considered highly dangerous by a lot of fundamentalists. Didja know that Star Wars is a cult? (Well, I know some people who really do have a cultish following for it, but c'mon!) The best one, though, was finding out that the Scientologists have a special course that deprograms former Landmarks people who are joining. And bet you didn't know that some classify Alcoholics Annonymous as a cult!

Meanwhile back at Wikipedia, I'm having great fun reading about stuff like the Order of the Solar Temple, various UFO cults, Falun Gong, the Rosicrucians, the Cathars, the Da Vinci Code...

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