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Sitting out tango...

I have a good excuse for missing it, claiming to be waiting for phone calls. Really.

The real reason is that my feet have finally almost stopped hurting. Something Nasty was causing the outer two toes to curl, the past couple weeks, and it hurt. It hurt a lot. After some work on them myself and by my massage lady ("hmm, your stomach meridian is really screwed up..."), these dogs aren't barking as much. I am such a wimp in my old age. In my wonderously misspent youth, I kept going through the pain, blocking it out and just keeping up walking/dancing, etc. Of course, that might be WHY I spent literal years with my feet hurting all the time. It's all that stuff from them having to rework them when I was a kid and all. Only to decide to abuse them, as an adult, living in high heels and all.

Okay, I can rationalize that it's common sense, and trying to keep my body functioning and all, but it still feels like I've just turned into a wimp in my old age.
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