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I just spent waaay too much on BPAL scents...

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It's not a perfumery, it's an addiction. And I'm hopeless.

I can't believe it's only been less than two months since I discovered them. Well, I'd encountered them, but not in scents that worked with me. Little did I know they had hundreds of them, and for every one that didn't work, there were a ton that did. And that they encapsulate everything from poetry to art in scent. Or that I could put on one of their perfumes and suddenly be 10 years old again, mucking through the swamp on the "Mad Botanist's" property, hunting frogs and falling over iris tubers. Wow.

I got my first order from them, the other day. They included samples of El-Azar (from their Lovecraft collection) and Fenris Wolf, and I was instantly in love with both! And just ordered some, along with a few other things. I've bought a few "imp's ear" bottles on eBay, to try random selections, and this hasn't been good for the budget, either. I'm such a scent junkie---always have been. (I used to ID plants in field botany simply by smelling them, if this tells you anything.) And I understand why they have a huge fan base, who even have "meet and sniffs." I even joined a decant circle for stuff they don't sell in sample sizes.

I can't wait for my Neil Gaiman-themed decants to come!
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