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A glorious Celtic Fair!

To make up for it being so miserable with the snow last year, this year's weather decided to be Absolutely Gorgeous. The daffodils were blooming, along with the trees, and the whole site was green, green, green (appropriate for upcoming St. Paddy's). It was smaller this year, with a number of groups missing, along with some of the merchants, food and otherwise.

There were some that were...odd. I really admire the pirates...um privateers, who built a ship on dry ground, and even rigged it right. If you didn't notice the deck growing grass, and only looked at the dock, you could sorta kinda convince yourself there was really a ship there. It was pretty good, interpretation-wise (though they looked confused when I said "Wow, those shipworms are really murder, aren't they?"). And then there was witch camp... Actually, that was the collective for the Green Man encampment, which was sort of medieval fantasy and actually looked pretty good (I covet their furniture), and the Crystal Clan. Umm, Crystal Clan? Let's just say that anything you can think of out of a bad newage store showed up there. There was the crystal altar, the spiderweb throne, and a lot of stuff that was kind of fairies-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden. I'm not sure if they were responsible for the group that was out with a green glittery butterfly net, trying to catch fairies, but they sure would have fit in, if they weren't. It was all like something out of Monty Python crossed with a bad fantasy movie crossed with a fluffybunny newage shop.

I ran into some friends there, including finding out that Melanie is a boothie when she's not doing living history. Of course, she came and hung out with us for a while, because we have a cannon, and it's a lot of the same folks she knows from American Civil War. (Her daughter ran the booth while she was gone.) I escaped blowing my budget on a bollock dagger, though if it had still been there on Sunday afternoon, I would have done it. It was a gorgeous custom piece, and so perfectly balanced... No. I was good. Sorta. I still got a new platter from one of the vendors. I can always use a platter that can do multiple time periods. And of course, we fired muskets and cannon, which is always a Good Thing.

And of course the music was great. I notice how long Golden Bough's retirement actually lasted. They were there playing up a storm. Seemed like every time I dropped by their stage, they were on. I managed to end up in the main hall in time to catch the grand assemblage of everyone playing at once: Tempest, Wicked Tinkers, and a whole mess of others, and jigged my little heart out for the close of the Fair. Our camp was also close enough to one of the main stages that we could simply stroll over and listen. Or not stroll over and listen.

We got yelled at for breaking camp too early, by the Fair organizer. Dale commented that if we get thrown out, we at least went out on an ideal weekend. I don't think they will, but I definitely talk about it being an ideal weekend.

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