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Period Cooking gloat

I am sooo jazzed! The Whaley House folks are not only going to fly me down to San Diego, but they are going to give me an honorarium (that's fancy talk for money) for coming down to train them! I am just absolutely thrilled. I will have to make sure they get their money's worth!

Meanwhile, I'm sending them lists of my favorite period cooking goods suppliers, since I do have the connections. And producing a list of items that they will probably need for their kitchen, if they intend to actually use it for cooking interpretation.

Woo-eee, it's been almost 20 years since it was quite this good. I did tons of work with sites and groups back in the '80's, and I've still got people who come to me (like the Dana Adobe, who built their Californio kitchen to MY specifications) because they recognize my expertise in the field, but it's a bit like knowing you've still got the mojo, when things like this evolve!
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