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And now, tainted pigs...

So now it's not just pet food. What happens when you feed "salvage" pet food to pigs. Yep, the contaminants enter the human food chain. They've found melamine in pigs in six states, now. And they're starting to look seriously at human food products that might be imported from the same source, since they found it in rice protein concentrate, also from China, recently. And now it's showing up in corn products in South Africa. Guess what source!

And then the admission that this stuff was "human grade" and the FDA says that it was only luck that it wasn't in human food. Or was it? As the melamine-spiked pigs continue to be found, they started testing for what they hope won't be found. But actually, they started looking earlier. From the CBS news site: "While the public was focused on the danger to their pets, sources tell CBS News that the FDA had tracked at least one suspect batch of wheat gluten into the human food supply, quietly quarantined some products and notified the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to watch for new patients admitted to hospitals with renal or kidney failure." And on April 12th, they reported "The FDA tried to comfort Congress today, saying there's "no evidence" any bad gluten got into human food — thought the agency still doesn't know where it all went." But now, with concern that it's not limited to just wheat gluten, they're starting to look hard at other places.

At the very least, I don't plan to eat any pork for a while.

And if melamine can make it into the food supply so easily, where does it leave the more stealthy contaminants, like bits of cattle and sheep corpses that might carry mad cow disease?

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