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Dancing fool, good/bad

Well, there was an interesting side to going to the Sundogs reunion concert on Saturday night. Recently, I have found I really like Zydeco music. And I danced my little feet off on Saturday.

I'd been having problems with the left side of my left foot, cramping, feeling like it was having issues vaguely like planar fasceitis (sp?), but not in the ball of the foot, rather in the base of the last two toes. Well, dancing like a madwoman for half the evening cured it. I had suspected it might. Mostly because my foot problems have been helped by things like doing martial arts, and things that change how my balance shifts on the foot. It's probably good that I gave up tango, because my feet didn't seem to like that particular form of dance. Heels. My feet don't like going backward in heels. So long as I wear flats, or zori, my feet are mondo happy with me.

Today, my thighs are having a small discussion with me about the abuse they've suffered recently. Interestingly, they were fine yesterday. Today, trying to walk up/down stairs is unpleasant. But that's okay. It means I was using muscles I should use more often. It's a different set from the ones I use dancing to Tempest or the like, because I'm doing a lot of down-home country steps, things more from country swing, two-steps, etc. and not so much stepdance steps. Good to vary the routine.

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