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Surrounded by idiots

I don't know if it's just that common sense is rare in my department or that there are just too many egos, or both.

Then I have a boss who would rather reinvent the wheel than actually do something the way the rest of the company does. He's going to invent his own way to package docs, rather than use the existing mechanism, basically because it's not *our* way. I kept saying he needed to talk to the tools guys in packaging, because all we needed to do was find out what few lines of code we had to splice in with ours, but no. He's going to package his own tar kits, thank you. And he wants to put all of our books into a *giant, 6000 page pdf file* "so that it will be easy to search" rather than use the website, which has full search capabilities.

I have a co-worker get pissed off at me for trying to interrupt her nonstop stream of confusing information to attempt to clarify what she's saying to our boss (by holding up a finger and saying her name, trying to get a word in edgewise). Then she says *I'm* rude for trying to jump into the conversation.

Can I just scream, now?

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