Jilara (jilara) wrote,


I was just musing on what I try to use to get through my presently high-stress life. What keeps me going.

Friends. I will never regret time well-spent with a friend or friends. Joy/sorrow shared, etc.
Cats. There is nothing like having a happy cat curled up with you.
Cooking. It's like performance art, and kind of zen. It may leave you with dirty dishes and take a while, but it's always worth it.
Kimono. One of my Japanese dealers is right: they have souls. Every one is an individual, and they speak to me. Hard to explain, but you can fall into kimono, again a kind of zen thing.
Good wine. A lady at a winery once said that you bring out the really good wine when life sucks. I've gone through a lot of Really Good Wine, this year.

Okay, combine in any assortment, and I'll survive.

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