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Okay, so I'm waaay behind here...

Hmm, been a while since I updated anything here...

I left out my great trip to San Diego to do demos and lectures at the Whaley House (fantastic!), the San Juan Bautista reenactment, the next week (making tamales back of the Castro-Breen house with two other cooks, who have--we'll call it "more ethnic qualifications" than I have), and how my Landmark stuff got me realizing how much I really *enjoy* all this stuff, again. 

Then there was the trip to canoe the Russian River, the amazing African Wildlife park (Safari West), a Civil War reenactment, and my latest trip to Las Vegas, including hiking on Mt. Charleston. Wow, I'm sooo behind...

I suppose I'll get to all this eventually. Maybe. Too busy doing to write about it, as seems to be the case too much. Ah, if only they put a few more hours in the day!

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