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when innovation needs more innovation...

I tried pulling a stopper out of a wine bottle the other night. You know stoppers? Those new artificial things that are replacing corks? Because cork oak grows on trees, that can't meet the demand? The ones that some say don't let the wine breathe, so the wine doesn't age as well? Yeah, those.

There are a lot of different varieties of them out there. Some are better than others. And some are just awful.

I attempted to open a bottle I had gotten in Washington State, a couple years ago. It was a black thing, looked like rubber, and it broke the first corkscrew. I got out my high-tech, ridiculously expensive corkscrew. It stripped the gears and pulled out the length of the screw, somewhat, straightening it somewhat. In short, it ruined an expensive piece of technology. The cork remained where it was. Somnolier's corkscrew? Hah, this thing is superglued in. I finally got it out with a two-prong and patience and determination.

And after all this effort, I sampled the wine. It might have been good at the winery, but it was not very good now. It tasted like it was aging badly. All that, and I end up with a bottle of cooking wine. They should have used a screw top.
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